Or if you’re into blue…

Personal gift picks for the outdoor/fashion girl… what do you think Oprah?Classic Blue is officially the 2020 color of the year.

White + Warren Rib Cashmere Beanie Buy Here
Can you have too many cashmere hats, particularly with fluffy pompoms?

Levi’s Sherpa Jean Jacket Buy Here
A classic everyone should own.

Garmin vivoactive 4s Buy Here
If you’re active, this is awesome. If you’re not, it looks cool.

Hydroflask Buy Here
Hydrate. We like this nifty straw lid, but if you opted for the traditional lid get some reusable straws below.

Steel Straw Buy Here
This is a great pack because it comes with the little cleaning tool. Very necessary… Do your part to save the turtles.

Ray-Ban Wings II Buy Here

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Wedge Slippers Buy Here
Like sticking your sore feet into a cloud.

North Face Aconcagua Vest Buy Here
Being a layer-er myself, this is a great piece under your Sherpa jacket.

Author: poolcreative

I’m a graphic designer by trade and a creative type, travel craving, mother of two, nature worshipping, cocktail enthusiast and perfume fanatic by life.

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